Yoga for Wellness Series

Yoga’s Arc Kary Sinkule, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Description of Posture, Movement & Stretch:

In a world where slouching over technology and steering wheels has become an epidemic, yoga for a healthy posture strengthens and actively/passively stretches your body to rehabilitate it to its correct state. Effective for enhancing posture by massaging the skeletal system, yoga additionally reduces tension in the muscles and tendons. We’ll work with you to focus on opening your body and strengthening the back and core.

This class includes, but is not limited to, combinations of the following practices: All Levels; Yin; Restorative; Meditation; Self-Myofascial Release; and Yoga Nidra. Whether you practice breathing techniques, strengthen your core, stay for minutes in a yin pose, or relax in gentle pose to restore, this practice will help the body and mind rest, relax, and open. Presented by Shuchan Chuange and Cindy Morrison, instructors.

This class will take place Wed., March 11 at the Sun Lakes Cottonwood Country Club in the Saguaro Room.