I ♥ Walking on an indoor track

Sue Schwartz

Walking has become this country’s most popular form of exercise. I ♥ Walking pioneered an outdoor walking program in 2014. We quickly discovered our window for outdoor walking was severely limited due to weather conditions, the lack of sidewalks and the desert wildlife: coyotes, wild turkeys and javelina. That prompted a move to indoor walking in the San Tan Ballroom and later the Palo Verde Restaurant. A field trip to Tumbleweed Recreational Center showed us the many advantages of an indoor walking track.

We started researching indoor walking tracks in senior communities. Ken Ballard’s article in Athletic Business says it best: “Indoor tracks appeal to a wide range of users for many reasons — escaping the heat in the summer or cold in the winter, the security offered by a controlled-access environment, being able to walk early in the day or late at night and have light to see by.” But there’s one group in particular that usually tops the list of users: Seniors. Walking and jogging are social activities for many people. If you’re trying to build a facility that has a strong appeal to seniors or you have a strong senior population in the community, it’s something to keep in mind. Seniors are often walking for a considerable time, so making it more interesting for them is important.

Many walking tracks have two separate alcoves where users can pause for a break, stretch or incorporate a short conditioning workout into their walk or jog. The walking track is flat and easier on the joints than traditional outdoor pavement or a treadmill.

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