This business committee is unusually ardurous – but so is the job!

Doug Ross, Director of Promotion, Sun Lakes Community Church

Kubili Condit is a missionary – to Indonesia – a village in the jungle – only 85 people live there – before she arrived in 2009, they did not have a written language. She helped create that language and then worked with a team to provide portions of the Bible in their brand new Nagi language.

Her trip from Idaho will take 60 hours! Here is the itinerary: Idaho Falls to Denver; Denver to San Francisco; Francisco to Korea; Korea to Bali, Indonesia; Bali to Sentani, Papua, Indonesia; Sentani to Tumdungbon – 1.5 hours (single-engine plane).

Missions, both local and foreign, is a high priority at Sun Lakes Community Church. Our by-laws actually require that at least 10% of our total annual church budget must go to missions. Last year, it was just over 20%.

Kubili was raised in a Christian home and was active in a church in Tucson that emphasized foreign missions. Her grandparents were missionaries in Ethiopia, and following a short-term mission trip to New Guinea while in college, she committed her life to serving the Lord in that part of the world.

She was actually reluctant to go on that short-term assignment, because her father was ill and she was afraid he might pass away while she was on the trip. He, however, encouraged her to make the trip. And, sure enough, while she was in New Guinea, her father passed away.

Her place of ministry is deep in the jungles of Indonesia – the Village of Tumdungbon where 85 people, known as the Nagi Tribe, live. The Nagi Tribe is known to be Animistic in their religion and for centuries, have struggled to appease the gods. The rainy season lasts for almost two-thirds of the year and during that time, it rains every day – often all day long.

When she first arrived in the region in 2005, she spent about four years learning the Indonesian language – adjusting to the culture – teaching children and youth. In 2009, Kubli relocated to Tumdungbon where she first had to build her home (with help from the locals) and learn to speak the Nagi language. Then in 2013, they began the arduous task of creating a written language. That led to translation of the Bible into the Nagi language and finally, in 2015, the first class was held and a written Bible text was used. Today, literacy is a new preoccupation, and they are writing songs that reflect their culture and their faith!

Kubili Condit is an amazing young woman of tenacious dedication. Our Pastor Jerry McGhee says, “Going into all the world and preaching the Gospel is a mandate Jesus Christ gave to every person who seeks to follow him. The goal is not to make people live like us but, rather, to follow Jesus. Our church is privileged to support Kubili – and others like her – and our congregation does that out of grateful hearts for all God has blessed us with.”