Monthly Homeowner Classifieds

June 2017


ZHAO HUIMIN’S IMPERIAL PLATES:  Beauties of the Red Mansion, 9 plates with papers and in original boxes, world’s oldest name in Porcelain Ching Te Chen $150, call 602-290-6239.

VHS PLAYER:  Includes 79 videos, 60 to 90 minutes tapes on Arizona, California, information on volcanoes, Air Force, Asia, religions, Bob Hope etc, $110, call 602-290-6239.

R U MISSING:  New trouser socks, white corning tableware, bin, etc., let talk call 480-883-9105 and leave a message.

Moving Sale

MISCELLANEOUS:  Outdoor patio and courtyard furniture, charming Brass bed, white sleeper sofa, hand carved designer book case, wine cabinet and an assortment of other beautiful items, call 480-818-3802.