Sun Lakes Cottonwood Palo Verde at Sun lakes

Message from the President

Richard Hawkes

Greetings to all:

High season in Cottonwood Palo Verde at Sun Lakes has arrived. It is great to see all our residents back. Welcome to our fall visitors. It is wonderful to see our many activity centers humming with folks having fun!

Let me share a few highlights concerning the many improvements our community has made in 2015. The addition of a breakroom and an office at the Palo Verde Maintenance yard has been completed. The new facilities will finally give our hardworking employees at the Palo Verde yard adequate restroom and lunchroom space. The addition of the new small office will give our managers an appropriate area to do their work.

I am hoping by the time you get this message that the new permanent shade structure for the Palo Verde patio will be completed or in its final stages. This badly needed addition will make the patio usable year round and provide much needed space for our many patrons.

The complete overhaul of all our sound systems has been a tremendous improvement for our facilities. We now have a professional sound system for the many entertainment functions in the San Tan Ballroom. The system has been a great addition for the Cottonwood Bar and Grill. The addition of the NFL Football TV package has been a highly successful venture. It has provided our homeowners with a place they can go each Sunday to watch their favorite pro football teams in their own community. The sound and media improvements in the Saguaro Room have been a great addition for Board meetings and have enhanced the ability of the room to be used for special events. The sound systems in our Pro Shops have been upgraded so we can finally hear announcements before play starts without a great intrusion into our neighbor’s homes. The sound improvements at Palo Verde have improved our ability to hold meetings and regulate the sound for entertainment.

The continuation of improvements for community won’t stop. You will soon be seeing a new look to the ground area surrounding tennis court number one at Cottonwood. The current ground area around the court will be graded for better drainage. A brick surface will be in