18 Oakwood Couples Golf results

The league played a 6-6-6 Scramble on April 11 on the Sonoran/Lakes courses; Flight A: 1st Paul and Barb Dinardo and Adrian and Joan Lauer, 2nd Gregg and Kathy Heinemann and John and Becky Kolb, 3rd Joe and Barb Denapoli and Rod and Sue Richmond; Flight B: 1st Al and Sharon Bowditch and Harry and Liz Pritchard, 2nd Dick and Carole Schmidt and Harley and Carol Smith, 3rd Doug and Mary Lynn Currie and Dave and Kathy Schnell; KP Sonoran No. 3 Rod Richmond, KP Sonoran No. 8 Mercedes Dellacroce, KP Lakes No. 2 Joe Denapoli, KP Lakes No. 6 Jack Lehmkuhl. This event totals: Ladies 1, Men 3; year to date totals: Ladies 21, Men 19; LP Sonoran No. 2 Joan Lauer, LP Lakes No. 3 Gregg Heinemann. This event totals: Ladies 1, Men 1; year to date totals: Ladies 3, Men 17.

The league played a four ball His/Her Low Net format on April 25 on the Sonoran/Palms courses; Flight A: 1st Jack and Kay Lemkuhl and Tom Bezrutchek, Joyce Schwartz, 2nd Don and Lorraine Blair and Ken and JoAnne Ratliff, 3rd Paul and Barb Dinardo and Craig and Anne Annis; Flight B: 1st Tony and Georgian Talerico and Bev Smith and Walt Stuckenschneider, 2nd (tie) Reb and JoAnn Rebillard, Jim and Fran Morin, Marshall and Barbara Anderson and Rod and Sue Richmond; Flight C: 1st Charles and Marion Peles and Jack Baur and Helen Chrest, 2nd Marc and Julie Clausen, 3rd Harry and Beth Cummings and Don and Linda Meisinger. KP Sonoran No. 3 Arnie Hastings, KP Sonoran No. 8 Marion Peles, KP Palms No. 4 Tony Talerico, KP Palms No. 7 Paulette Zuehike. This event totals: Ladies 2, Men 2; year to date totals: Ladies 23, Men 21. LP Sonoran No. 4 Paul Jarvi, LP Palms No. 9 Dick Schmidt. This event totals: Ladies 0, Men 0; year to date totals: Ladies 3, Men 19.

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