2 Your Health – Hope Clinic

The Hope Clinic of Integrative Medicine recently opened a Chandler office located at 208 West Chandler Heights Road, Suite 101, Chandler, AZ 85248.

The clinic specializes in the treatment of various types of acute and chronic pain by using a non-invasive and non-opioid methodology, developed by Dr. Okky Oei, the clinic’s medical doctor, who specializes in integrative pain management.

This methodology results in the body’s own ability to repair and heal itself at the source of the pain. In addition, a proprietary 3D motion analysis is utilized to track progress and/or identify areas of functional compromise, which is often a result of old or improperly treated injuries. These approaches are important in obtaining results in pain management and helping the body to function better, which in turn results in better quality of life and better performance in physical activities.

At our Scottsdale and Chandler clinics, we have successfully helped many patients whose injuries have affected their active lifestyles to patients who even achieve positive results in “No Hope” cases, thereby returning them to a better quality of life.

For more information, please visit our website at www.HopeClinicCare.com or call our Chandler location at 480-269-9220 to book an appointment.

The Hope Clinic accepts most major insurance plans including Medicare and Tricare.