2016 IWLN “Summer Hotties”

2016 summer hotties (l to r) Linda Liberti and Susan Schaeffer.

2016 summer hotties (l to r) Linda Liberti and Susan Schaeffer.

Nancy Davis, Publicity

2016 IWLN summer hotties! During our summer play from mid-May through September, the Ironwood Lady Niners take a break from more serious golf and prizes. We kick back and enjoy casual play where you can sign up your own pairings and choose your own game or play to develop your game. Of course, this is during our sultry summer when we play at 6:30 a.m. During this time we have been naming the member who plays the most days our “IWLN summer hottie.” This year we have “double the fun” in announcing that for 2016 we have two summer hotties, Linda Liberti and Susan Schaeffer. Both ladies love playing golf with the IWLN and over the years have been instrumental in giving unselfishly of their time to help manage the league. Linda, who was the 2015 summer hottie, is Treasurer and member of the Pairings Committee and Susan was the Membership/Handicap Chair for four years. We salute their love for the game, their dedication to play, and their physical fitness in playing through our sultry hot summer heat. This year the award is extra special because our Ironwood Course was closed for renovations and Linda and Susan played at Oakwood with the Oakwood Lady Niners. At the November 9 general meeting, President Susan Meer presented a certificate to each lady giving them bragging rights. These ladies are awesome!

Mark your calendars: Our next general meeting and brunch is at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, December 7. Please plan to attend. The changing of the guard will take place as we install our Officers for 2017 and present awards. December meetings are always fun and a great way to end the year and prepare for the new!

It is time to renew our membership for 2017. Annual dues for the Ironwood Lady Niners payable by December 15, 2016, are $65. Checks should be made out to Ironwood Lady Niners. Your check and membership application form should be placed in the Lady Niners drop box which is located in the Ironwood Clubhouse Computer Room. We also offer a social membership for $10. This membership is available to former and current members who can no longer play golf on our regular game schedule. There are dates identified on our calendar that will accommodate their play. Most important, they are welcome to attend all of our general meetings, brunches and special events. Additionally, we offer a “GHIN No. Only for Women.” The cost this year is $40 (which includes the AWGA fee plus a $10 processing fee). We hope that all IWLN members rejoin and we look forward to a great year of golf in 2017. If you would like information about our fabulous league, please contact Membership Chair Rachel Enloe at 802-1631. Our play day is Wednesday with an 11:30 a.m. shotgun.

Invitational Golf Tournament: Our 2017 Tournament “Take Me Out to the Golf Game” will be held on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the The Perfect Place Adult Day Services in South Chandler. We are accepting monetary donations and prize donations for our raffles. Everyone giving a donation will have their name prominently displayed at the Ironwood Clubhouse and in our program the day of the event. For information regarding donations for our tournament, please contact our Co-Chairs Judy Thompson at 602-999-5015 or Vicki Mendenhall at 206-999-3647.

New Members: We are very happy to extend a very warm welcome to new members Debra Burns, Kathy Garrett and Sandy Krediet. We are also very pleased to welcome back Toni Flanagan, Marian Greer, and Dottie Meade who are rejoining our league. Thank you all for selecting the Ironwood Lady Niners.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and safe travel to all! Just think, the New Year brings a bounty of new golfing experiences.