2017 Shalom Hadassah Board of Directors

2017 Shalom Hadassah Board

2017 Shalom Hadassah Board

Evey Freed

On December 13, Shalom Hadassah held their installation of officers at Oakwood Country Club along with their annual Chanukah party. The wonderful turnout, the Chanukah games and food, along with everyone’s Chanukah spirit led to a fun luncheon and afternoon.

The new Board of Directors has already begun their work, and we can look forward to an exciting 2017, beginning with our February 21 meeting at Stone & Vine. Our guest speaker will be Joan Nieman, the coordinator of the Speakers Bureau of the organization Generations After. She will discuss the continuing impact of the Holocaust on the second and third generations of their descendants. Joan recommends that you go to YouTube and search her father’s name, Stephen Lerman, to view an outstanding interview of a courageous young boy who made his way to Philadelphia after surviving the Holocaust.

The February meeting will be held at Stone & Vine, and lunch will begin at 11:30 a.m. The cost is $16.00 and we ask that everyone bring cash in order to speed up the payment process. Please RSVP to Ruth at 480-802-9600; RSVP deadline is Thursday, February 16.