2021 Annual Luminaria Walk/Food Drive

Steve and Robyn Moody, Co-Chairs, 2021 Unit 36C 17th Annual Luminaria Walk/Food Drive

Even though the holiday season seems far away, planning for the Unit 36C 17th Annual Luminaria Walk/Food Drive around Diamond Lake began in August/September. The 2021 Unit 36C Luminaria Walk/Food Drive Steering Committee has decided:

* Luminaria Walk and Food Drive dates: Saturday, Dec. 11, and Sunday, Dec. 12, from 6 to 8 p.m.

* We will encourage Diamond Lake residents to beautifully decorate their backyards from Thanksgiving weekend through New Year’s Day 2022.

* Steve and Robyn Moody, co-chairs for this annual event, will work with AZCEND (the food bank) and Oakwood HOA to leave donation boxes at the clubhouse and at the two main entrances to Diamond Lake during the holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day). AZCEND will pick up donations several times a week.

* Steve and Robyn will also work with AZCEND to set up a link so residents may make a cash donation. AZCEND then can buy what they need to fill in the gaps and also buy bulk items as needed. We encourage residents to donate to AZCEND. More information on this link will be provided in November and December.

Happy Holidays to all!

If you have questions regarding donations, please contact us at [email protected].