30+ neuropathy patients needed for study

Research patients needed who have neuropathy

Where: Dancing Bear Healing Center in Chandler

When: Start dates September 9-12, 2019, for six weeks, ending October 7-10, 2019

Cost: None

How do I sign up? Call Karla Bass, VP, Senergy Medical Group, at 214-886-8809 for questions about the study or text Dr. Lawrence at 480-422-7000 to set up your appointment.

Neuropathy is a serious condition that can lead to difficulty walking, fallingl, and in extreme cases, the loss of an appendage.. Ongoing treatment of this condition is very important to prevent it from getting worse.

Senergy Medical group needs people with neuropathy to participate in a series of free treatments for neuropathy. There is an initial evaluation where you will be loaned special hardware to self-treat at home daily for six weeks. Then the week of October 7, return the equipment and a final exam will be done to determine progress. Results of the study will be published after all evaluations have been returned. It is the Senergy Microcurrent Biomodulator that will be used for the treatments (Contact.us for more information on the hardware).

We need your name, phone number, and email address to schedule your initial evaluation. If you have a pacemaker or cannot tolerate Microcurrent, arev pregnant, or are a lactating mother, then this study is not for you. Anyone else is welcome to participate as long as you have some form of neuropathy in either your hands or feet.

For more information, contact Karla Bass, VP, Senergy Medical Group, at