3rd Annual IronOaks Breakers Pool League championship set

IronOaks Breakers Pool League member Bill O’Donnell preparing for his next shot. Photo taken by Willie Foster.

IronOaks Breakers Pool League member Bill O’Donnell preparing for his next shot. Photo taken by Willie Foster.

Willie Foster, Tournament Director, IronOaks Breakers Pool League

The matches are set to be played Tuesday, October 27 through Saturday, November 1 from approximately 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. The public is invited to watch for a daily fee of $5 with tickets available at the door. All of the matches will be played in the Oakwood Clubhouse Pool Room.

In order to qualify for the tournament, a player must have placed first, second or third in one of the six sessions during the year (sessions begin in November and end in October the following year). The playoff is seeded by the percentage of games won during the six (six week long ) sessions throughout the year. The tournament is a single elimination format so the players have to really be on their toes going into the competition. There are no second chances. It is “win or go home”.

Qualified players who participate pay a $10 entry fee with payouts going to first, second and third places in both the eight-ball and nine-ball matches. The winners of the eight-ball and nine-ball brackets will receive a plaque with their names engraved on it. The plaques are hung on the wall in the Oakwood Pool room to memorialize their 2014 win.

Pool is a lot of fun and when you look at the cost to play ($20 annual fee) against what it costs to play something like golf, it is a real bargain!

We know there are many men in IronOaks who at some point earlier in their life’s played some pool and really liked it. It is not uncommon for them to feel like they are not good enough to play in our league or are uncomfortable to committing to a weekly schedule. Well, we have some good news if you are one of those men! First, we have players of varying skill levels. Our Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday leagues are played with partners. A novice player is paired with a more experienced player who will help them win. Secondly, our weekly games are set up where you do not have to be there every week (we understand pressing matters arise which makes it difficult to participate at times). The matches are designed for those who show up to play on league days.

So, come on down and watch us play, or play as a guest to see how you like it. No reason to procrastinate another day. Make a commitment to get off that couch and start doing something you will really love doing with a bunch of guys who will be glad to see you!

Please feel free to contact David Mork, Chairman of the IronOaks Breakers Pool League, at 602-818-6663; e-mail [email protected]; or Willie Foster, Tournament Director, at 480-821-8423; e-mail [email protected] for more information.