Andi and Bill Jenack

Jerry Higgins

40-love is a tennis score term, but love in the tennis game is not a good score on a tennis court, because it means you have nothing. However, in the Jenack home court, love is a great score, as Bill and Andi Jenack have endured love for 51 years.

Bill met Andi at a beach party with mutual friends in New York. Bill is from Amityville, N.Y., and Andi from Binghamton, N.Y.

In 1975 some friends introduced Bill and Andi to tennis at a country club in Goshen, N.Y. Bill and Andi have been actively playing tennis since that day, until Andi encountered the usual wear and tear injuries on knees/hips, but she made her recovery a couple of years ago.

Bill was a school teacher for 25 years, and Andi was a flight attendant. In 1993 they decided on career changes and opened a fine arts auction gallery for the sale and appraisal of jewelry, fine arts, and furniture. When they return from their trips and they are not on the court, they still spend their time appraising jewelry and other fine arts as a part-time hobby/job.

They invested in a townhouse in 2006 with hopes of retiring here in the future. They finally made it in 2021 and are happy to call it “home.” They joined the Cottonwood Tennis Club (CTC) and quickly became active, with Bill signing on to the Rating Committee and Andi becoming a steady rock of service with the Food Committee. They also made a quick impact on the tennis courts.

Bill won the Men’s 4.0 Bradshaw in November of 2021 with partner Bob Lynne, a friend from Oakwood. Hoping to repeat the title in the November 2022 Bradshaw/Neu with Sid Porter, they were successful in taking second place. Between these events, he found Barb Jorgensen to team up as the winning red mixed championship in February of 2022.

Recovered from her injuries, Andi returned in a blaze of glory. She won the 3.0 Blue Women’s 2022 Bradshaw/Neu Tournament with Tammi Knight. Andi and Tammy returned to the courts for the CTC Gender Tournament in January of 2023 to win that division again.

When not on the tennis courts, they do enjoy traveling to Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean. Bill says, “Wherever you go, there you are!” For now, Bill and Andi are in Sun Lakes as members of the Cottonwood Tennis Club, and CTC is proud and happy to have them here.

For information regarding membership in the Cottonwood Tennis Club, please contact Membership Chair Susan Hood at [email protected]. Also look at the CTC online calendar for activities during the upcoming four months.