50 Days of Prayer – go a little further

Pastor Nibbelink

Pastor Nibbelink

Oasis of Grace has begun a prayer challenge called “Fifty Days of Prayer.” The 50 days are divided into seven weekly segments: 1) Community and Gratitude, 2) Listening, 3), Trust, 4) Worship, 5) Petition, 6) Our Calling and 7) Faith.

This is not an easy assignment and is a challenge for many. Our church is doing it as a group to give us all accountability. We are inviting you to join us or begin your own neighborhood prayer group. We have a devotional booklet with a Scripture reference for each day. It is available for your own use or your group. If you are interested, you can call Pastor Nibbelink at 319-464-2872.

The first week of preparation we spent focusing on Matthew 26:37-41. We studied the events of the night Jesus was betrayed as he was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. During that time, the disciples fell asleep not once, but three different times. It is interesting to see Jesus’ response.

What can we learn from this and how are we to pray? God is asking us to pray harder, deeper and with more fervor than ever before. We need to pray for church, our country, healing and salvation for family and friends.

If you would like to participate with us, we have a study and prayer group that meets on Wednesday evenings. You can call the pastor for information at 319-464-2872.