6th NIT at Cottonwood Courts

Irene D’Aloisio

It was the sixth time, and it was just as successful this year as it was the first. With 86 teams and loads of volunteers, the Norris Invitational Tournament went for four days with lots of happy participants. The weather was absolutely perfect, and so was the play. Spectators cheered for their faves, but applauded for everyone at the end. Thanks to everyone to participated and to everyone who helped with the event and to everyone who came to watch the fun.

The tournament is held once a year and is hosted by the Sun Lakes Pickleball Club Cottonwood. It’s a fun event for all Sun Lakes residents, whether you are in the club or not. This year’s prize payout was a bit bigger, and there were nearly 20 prizes for the raffle. The 50-50 was a whopping $190, awarded to Karl Eberle.

Maybe you should think about joining us next year? Not just for the prizes. But for the fun!

Here’s the winners list. Congratulations to each of you!

2.0 Men: 1st Neal Broidy, Dennis Rosenquist; 2nd John Peterson, Gerard Geisinger; 3rd Ron Kampfe, Neil Duhrman

2.0 Mixed: 1st Sue Donovan, Tim Donovan; 2nd Dan Halberg, Betsy Halberg; 3rd Jill Talbot, Gary Sanford

2.0 Women: 1st Rebecca Fewell, Wendy Hines; 2nd Sue Donovan, Nancy Maki; 3rd (tie) Lynn Kopp, Marie Irwin and Pat Trupp, Kim Whalen

2.5 Men: 1st Todd Peschman, Neal Halpern; 2nd Lonnie Dockter, Jack Bucholz; 3rd Dennis Marley, Bob Heilshorn

2.5 Mixed: 1st Dennis Marley, Mary Dunn; 2nd Michael Valentine, Maia Ramey; 3rd Tony Casillas, Cathy Kiley

2.5 Women: 1st Karen Lapointe, Mary Dunn; 2nd Lorrie Bucholz, Lynn Hanten; 3rd Maia Ramey, Christine Rolland

3.0 Men: 1st Tom Snider, Pat Rather; 2nd Joe Keneally, Rick Paradee; 3rd Lance Moyer, Karl Eberle

3.0 Mixed: 1st Tammy Dockter, Doc Dockter; 2nd Evonne Jasnic, Art Baessler; 3rd Rhonda Stanford, Pat Rather

3.0 Women: 1st Pat Monson, Kim Saunders; 2nd Joan Dixon, Bev Bryce; 3rd Charlotte Nichol, Irene D’Aloisio

3.5 Men: 1st David Bissell, Kim Fleithman; 2nd Ed Frees, Lew Schmutz; 3rd Ron Kent, Paul Nichol

3.5 Mixed: 1st Ron Kent, Mary Kent; 2nd Krissy Thomson, Mike Koehlmoos; 3rd Mikiya Sequoia, Tom Tschetter

3.5 Women: 1st Krissy Thomson, Tibby Landwehr; 2nd Karen Kishpaugh, Mary Kent; 3rd Mary Braton, Tammy Dockter

4.0 Men: 1st Doug Speager, Jim Gillett; 2nd David Novikoff, Dave Zapatka; 3rd Jerry Strom, Keith Ori

4.0 Mixed (special configuration): 1st Moustafa Bayoumy, Sue Rodke; 1st Lindi Speager, Doug Speager; 2nd Jan Golden, Jack Hill; 2nd Bev Krueger, Tom Dawson

4.0 Women (exhibition): Lindi Speager, Sue Rodke, JoAnn Zapatka, Rita Ward