Scorching HOT on the Pickleball Courts

Lorri Morgan

We could be talking about that “firefight” at the NVZ (Non-Volley Zone) or that smoking passing shot down the line, but in this case, we’re talking about our Chili Cook-Off social event held on Dec 2. Holiday-dressed members showed up in hordes to sample and vote on the 12 pots full of different chili recipes. This year’s winning chefs were Jeanne Lohela and Roxy Swift, with 10 close runners-up! There were skills games (of a unique type), rewarding people with chocolate kisses. Over 100 members agreed that this was a fabulous event.

Also at that event was our annual Fill a Truck, which provides much needed help for Hamilton High students and their families. Spearheading that effort was again Charlotte Nichol, who told us that they received $350 in cash and two trucks full of food and other requested items.

At our Dec. 7 meeting, we discussed the club becoming a nonprofit organization. This change would have the benefit of allowing us to apply for grants, request sponsors, as well as being able to buy insurance. This will come up for a vote by members soon. Speaking of insurance, the club spent almost $2,900 out of our Capital Improvement Fund to put up safety padding around the posts and electric boxes on our new courts 5, 6, and 7.

Tony, our ball guru, announced that we have bought all new club balls, which are put out on the courts for all club playtime Monday through Friday. These new balls are Selkirk X and are warranted against cracking for a whole year! Don’t take this as a challenge! If one does crack, put it in the proper receptacle, and it will be replaced once there are four in there to return.

Think about finding a partner for our biggest event, the N.I.T. coming up March 4 through March 7. You can find all the details in a separate article in this month’s Splash.

Keep those paddles up and a smile on your face!