Pave the Way

Kathy Sinnott

Construction continues for the building of the Arizona Heroes Memorial in Naranja Park. Within our 2.5-acre site, an amphitheater; 8-foot walls honoring our military, first responders and healthcare workers; and a 24-foot obelisk are sure to alter the Oro Valley horizon! And the Donor Paver Garden is sure to be one of our unique, more personalized, treasures.

The Donor Paver Garden allows for approximately 1,460 Forever Bricks, each an 8-inch square. Four lines of text are allowed. The Arizona Heroes Memorial invites you to purchase a Forever Brick to commemorate your hero. Trees and benches will surround the garden, allowing for an area in which to reflect on the dedication and passion by our many heroes in their service to our country. Pavers will be placed upon completion of construction. We expect an end to construction in late spring of 2024.

The Arizona Heroes Memorial is planned to be on the tourist registry. Educational and community activities are currently being planned. We anticipate this ‘park within a park’ to host visitors from far and wide. This location will foster somber remembrances, spirited celebrations, and limitless education, all of which showcase our heroes’ sacrifice and dedication in crafting, maintaining, and shaping those liberties and freedoms necessary to make this a great nation.

Honor your hero today—supplies are limited. Please visit this opportunity at: Learn more about the Arizona Heroes Memorial at