Jacquie’s Corner: Are You Ready to Meet and Greet New Year 2024 and Your Friendships?

Jacqueline M. Ruffino-Platt

Jacqueline M. Ruffino-Platt

I don’t know about some of my readers and friends if they are looking forward to another new year and ready to invite and accept the year 2024. For some of you, my readers have had a rather fun year traveling throughout our states and/or country. Meet new neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. Yet some may have had a painful and somber year regarding relatives, friends, and others. We all feel for those who have suffered along the way. Look around and thank our Lord we are here on this earth and are ready to join our families and friends and say, “Welcome year 2024.” Some of us build new friendships, have fun, and show interests to each and every one we meet. Time moves on, lives change, jobs change, locations change, happy times and sad times, and new people come into your lives. Remember, close friends are always there.

I moved from New Jersey many years ago to experience a new life in Washington, D.C., when my first year the long distance telephone bill was quite high, because the umbilical cord from family and friends could not be cut. As time moved on, I met new people, new spaces to research, and new friendships to uncover. In no way have I ever let my good friends and acquaintances leave my thoughts. In my new surroundings, I listen to stories from those who want to share. Men and women. Men talk about their friends. Time spent with their buddies on the golf course and other activities. Do they gossip? I believe men do at some time in their group. They play golf, baseball, pool, tennis, bowl, and stop afterwards for a beer or two. Women participate in the aforementioned sports as well and may also stop for a taste of the bubbly. Good friends are always in touch with one another, even when far away. We listen and may offer some advice. But we are here for each other and each other’s families. I believe it takes some nourishing between friends and acquaintances to bloom into a beautiful friendship and last for a long time. Fun to party with, have a meal with, and enjoy some fun days. And in times of sadness, a friend is always there.

In my short time living in Arizona and throughout my travels with the government and the United States Navy, I have accumulated some real, warm, giving people, and we have become friends. Some of these friendships did not take very long to achieve. You know right off if you mesh. Female or male friendships are so wonderful to have a fulfilled life.

I can’t be by my friends’ side or theirs by mine at an instant or any given moment. I know and trust that the Man Upstairs, our God, will look over them. He continues to do so each and every day.

My dear friends and acquaintances are always in my thoughts and prayers daily. May the coming year 2024 be the best and blessed year ever.