Fill a Truck

Lorri Morgan

The Cottonwood Pickleball Club supported this wonderful event to help out the students and their families of Hamilton High School. The drive was spearheaded by our own Charlotte Nichol, and it seems the whole membership rallied behind her. Charlotte said she received $350 in cash and two pickup trucks full of food and other requested items needed by some of the less fortunate students in our community. She said the club also released some funds it had been safekeeping from last year’s drive, which she used to purchase items such as canned meats or hygiene products on the wish list.

Charlotte delivered the bounty to Hamilton High School’s Lisa St. Peter on Dec. 5 and then received this reply: “Charlotte, I’m sitting here still so overwhelmed with the pickleball gang’s generosity! It filled a band practice room and will bless hundreds of people at our drive-thru grocery store. Please thank your group. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful beyond words. Happy Holidays to you all. With gratitude, Lisa St. Peter, Social Work Department.”

We are lucky to be in a position to help!