A Special New Series for Our Readers

Jan Bobbett

Your Sun Lakes Library is starting the new year with a series that historical fiction lovers are sure to like. Ginny Dye calls her series The Bregdan Chronicles. The action and relationships are sure to appeal to many of our readers. A main premise of the books is the horrible treatment of black people, even after the war to free them was won. It begins just before the Civil War and takes readers to New York, San Francisco, and beyond, years later.

The word “Bregdan” in the series title means a braiding or intertwining of lives, which you will feel in each book. Readers meet the central characters on a Virginia plantation and continue to be irresistibly drawn by the struggles, events, and changes experienced by this family and those they connect with.

Our head librarian Doreen Taylor has read the complete series and is a big fan. The books will be checked out like other books in the Best Sellers cabinet. You can stop by, view the books, and if you like, get your name on the list to check them out in order as they are available.

More New Books for Our Best Sellers Cabinet:

1) If you love historical fiction, consider Mitch Albom’s World War II Holocaust book, The Little Liar. It doesn’t take long for the reader to understand why the author’s eight books are #1 best sellers, including his Tuesdays with Morrie, the best-selling memoir of all time.

The central character of this book is a boy who wants to save his parents and thinks he can do that by spreading a message that he later learns was a lie. The Nazis wanted him to convince the locals that boarding the Nazi transportation would take them to a safe place. The setting is Greece and other countries not usually associated with the Holocaust. Give this one a serious try. It’s a powerful read—not hard to read, but you do need to pay attention to the four primary characters.

2) Anna Pitoniak’s The Helsinki Affair includes some strong women characters, such as 40-year-old Amanda Cole and 73-year-old Kath Frost. Both are stationed in Rome. When a Russian operative gives Anna a tip that a U.S. senator will be assassinated on a trip to Cairo, she reports the info to her disbelieving superiors who decide no action should be taken. Amanda tries to uncover the reason for his death. Along with Kath, she learns why he was a target of the KGB.

3) Detective Harry Bosch and Attorney Mickey Haller appear in Michael Connelly’s latest, Resurrection Walk. Not for the first time, Connelly creates a novel that is a combination of police procedural and courtroom drama—number 7 in the Lincoln Lawyer series.