Niners November Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Welcome back to our winter golfers who are arriving daily. Our Thursday field is topping 50 once again. The executive board and chairmen of the Niners extend their best wishes to all the members and their families for a happy and healthy new year.

Membership. The membership list of the Niners is growing again. Welcome our three newest members: Frank Nania, Patrick Kerr, and Mike Bruni.

Winners: 11/2/23 Shramble 3 Palms. 1st (3-way tie) Lloyd Schaeffer, Tom Walker, Bill Flinn, Peter Gerdik/Jerry Richards, Al Metz, Paul Wilde, Greg Gustafson/Terri Simmons, Butch Bosselli, Stan Posey, Jim Theobald; 4th Ed Anderson, Jim DeVinck, Mike Partridge, Tom Graves; 5th (5-way tie) Neil Anderson, Jonathan Russell, Carl Burnham Jr., Don Lewis/Ron Rudzinski, Bill Stoutenberg, Jack Cameron, George Yencho/Lee Boudreaux, Tom Bleier, Bob Deken, Jim Johnson/Richard Russell, Larry Munson, Len Dolins, John Sweitzer; KPs: #4 Larry Johnson, Jerry Richards; #7 Len Dolins, Butch Bosselli

11/9/23 Shramble 3 Sonoran. 1st Neil Anderson, Stan Posey, David Mork; 2nd Greg Gustafson, Paul Wilde, Jim Wegman, John Deiter; 3rd Jerry Pederson, Jordy Primack, John Gaudioso; 4th Bob Deken, Butch Bosselli, Larry Johnson, Jim Campbell; 5th Joe D’Amore, Bill Stoutenberg, Bruce Vantine; KPs: #3: Jerry Pederson, John Sweitzer; #8 George Yencho, Peter Gerdik

11/16/23 Shramble 3 Lakes. 1st Paul Wilde, Larry Munson, Terry Simmons; 2nd (tie) Garry Russell, Dennis Clark, John Schuler, Lloyd Schaeffer/Mike Partridge, Jim Dawson, Jim Campbell, George Yencho; 4th Sam Whitlock, Jack Baur, Bill Stoutenberg, Ron Rudzinski; 5th Bill McConnell, Jim Wegman, Bob Deken, Bob Clark; 6th (tie) Richard Katz, Bruce Vantine, Ed Anderson/Don Lewis, Jim Janowski, Al Metz, Neil Anderson; KPs: #2 Gary Russell, John Schuler; #6 Mike Partridge, Bob Clark

11/23/23 Thanksgiving Day, Fewest Putts Palms. Flight 1: 1st Ed Anderson; 2nd (3-way tie) Neil Anderson, Don Fayfar, Larry Johnson; Flight 2: 1st John Rolf; 2nd Jordy Primack; 3rd Bill Stoutenberg; Flight 3: 1st Paul Wilde; 2nd Jack Cameron; 3rd Bill Flinn; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Bob Deken, Bill Whitely; 3rd (tie) Ted Piotrowski, Gary Russell; KPs: #4 Bob Deken, Ron Rudzinski; #7 Bob Deken

11/30/23 Low Net Sonoran. Flight 1: 1st Bob Gresen; 2nd (tie) Joe D’Amore, Bob Pender; 4th Erich Tiepel; 5th Jerry Richards; Flight 2: 1st Jack Baur; 2nd John Rolfe; 3rd (tie) Tom Bleier, Jim Wegman; 5th (5-way tie) Neil Anderson, Jim DeVinck, Len Dolins, Jordy Primack, Bill Stoutenberg; Flight 3: 1st Gaylord Lind; 2nd (tie) Mike Partridge, Greg Wells; 4th (3-way tie) Jim Janowski, Gary Russell, Paul Wilde; Flight 4: 1st Jim Johnson; 2nd Tom Graves; 3rd Bruce Vantine; 4th (4-way tie) Dennis Clark, Bob Deken, Patrick Kerr, Bill Whitely; KPs: #3 Jack Baur, Tom Bleier; #8 Joe D’Amore

Dues for 2024. Gentlemen, it is time to get those checks into the Niners box. The new year is right around the corner, and our treasurer Bob Deken is waiting patiently to start the 2024 membership list.