OLGA Results

OLGA 2024 officers (left to right): Vice President Linda Anderson, Treasurer Linda Morris, President Sharon Skowron, Secretary Colleen Ritter

Kathy Burns

OLGA started playing after overseeding on Nov. 14 with a four-person scramble. Two teams tied for first place: Mary Figgis, Peggy Cooper, Mary Keith, and Judi Walker/Sue Pederson, Lorraine Blair, Doris Swanson, and Sherry Rogers. There was a big four-way tie for third place: Mary Dyrseth, Kay Lehnkuhl, Terry Jung, and Karen Beltz/Lynda Jones, Barbara Anderson, and Pam Shumard/Mary Perry, Debbie Horner, Nancy Cohn, and Janie Garibay/Cindy Reinertsen, Dang Teater, Ladonna Wheat, and Jan Skibo.

On Nov. 21 the Surprise was Fours. In Flight 1 the winner was Lorraine Blair. Mary Figgis and Linda Dreier tied for second, and Terry Jung and Glo Malmberg tied for fourth. Tammy Bailey won in Flight 2, Barbara Anderson and Mary Buhrt tied for second, and Nancy Cohn won fourth.

The annual Member/Member Tournament was on Nov. 28. Flight 1 winners were Mary Perry and Anne Annis. Second place was won by Mary Figgis and Debra Wood. Sharon Bowditch and Glo Malmberg/Carolyn March and Christa Pensworth tied for third. In Flight 2 Dari Akin and Susan La Salvia were winners, followed by Judy Darnell and Colleen Ritter/Judy Kirschenbaum and Beth Ebmeier. Flight 3 winners were Sally Berreth and Jennifer Pender. Tied for second were Dang Teater and Judi Walker/Marty Light and Phyllis D’Amore. Tied for fourth were Cheri Curtin and Carole Schmidt/Terry Jung and Pat Schepp. Linda Morris and Sharon Ironside won Flight 4. Second place winners were Denise Lott and Janey Garibay, followed by Joann Rebillard and Frankie Hatch/Joni Hiller and Tammy Bailey.

Our first play day on Dec. 5 was the best nine holes. In Flight 1 Leslie Smith took home the honors, followed by Mary Figgis and Peggy Cooper. Debbie Horner and Dari Akin won Flight 2, followed by Julie Hastings and Lorraine Blair. Dang Teater and Sally Berreth tied for first place in Flight 3, followed by Anne Annis, Barbara Dinardo, and Kay Lehmkuhl. Nancy Cohn and Pat Schepp tied for first in Flight 4, followed by Robin Thomas, Doris Swanson, and Colleen Ritter. The winner in Flight 5 was Shirley Weaver, followed by Frankie Hatch, Sherry Rogers, and Eleanor McCann. Flight 6 was won by Sharon Ironside, Jennifer Pender, Roberta Havey, Janey Garibay, and Tammy Bailey.

A lovely luncheon on Nov. 28 was highlighted with the unanimous election of officers for 2024: President Sharon Skowron, Vice President Linda Anderson, Secretary Colleen Ritter, and Treasurer Linda Morris. Installation of new officers and OLGA Cup winners were announced at the Dec. 12 luncheon. The Charity Event and luncheon will be held on Jan. 23.