Coach Kwong’s Tennis Tips

Coach Kwong

What makes the pros on the tour (WTA/ATP) look so efficient when they’re striking the ball over and over during their rallies?

First, they are playing in their prime time (late teens to 30s). They are at their ideal body weight, eyes are keen, footwork perfected, anticipation of the balls, shot-making abilities, and an acute sense of the court all combine the ingredients to being the best player they can be.

Second to note is that they don’t display the dinosaur T-Rex look when striking the ball, because their feet never stay flat. They are constantly displaying “happy feet.” They don’t just stand around waiting for the bus.

Pros are like great dancers on a large dance floor all to themselves, gliding around the court to be in position to display their best performance. To become a good ball striker, one must have what I call Perfect Distance (PD), which is similar to when you approach someone to shake their hand. Think of the comfortable distance between the two parties when they approach to shake hands. Hands are at a comfortable, “waist-high” level, and there is appropriate distancing between their bodies. When you have this distance, players will hit balls more comfortably and efficiently. This display will allow players to be able to bend their knees to get under the ball, producing the low to high swing. Without the knee bend, you are using all arm muscles to return the ball. Some players have pretty strokes, and some have ugly strokes, but the way I see it is, if you don’t change this dinosaur T-Rex look, then it will continue to look pretty ugly!