Palo Verde Roads Management Update

Mark Brauer, President

Welcome to fall! Your Palo Verde Road Management (PVRM) Board, a separate entity from HOA2, has resolved our direction for fees and projects for 2023.

First, we do have a board member opening. Candidates must be a Palo Verde property owner. The application can be obtained from me or online on the HOA2 Homeowner section of the website where the Palo Verde Road Management tab exists. If you have interest, want a candidate application, or wish to return one, please contact me, Mark Brauer, President, PVRM Inc., at [email protected].

The board has been busy this year. We’ve rated the condition of every section of our 11-plus miles of roads, as well as locating and rating all of our signs. The value of our roads, concrete, and signs, if it were to be done new this year, would be over $11,000,000.

Your board is working on a 25-year pavement replacement schedule. We are making significant investments in our main roads but know that neighborhood streets and signage need attention as well. Our focus and priorities are as follows: 65% roadway replacement, 25% roadway and concrete maintenance, and a goal in 2023 of 10% towards signage replacement.

2023’s planned work will depend on our bids this fall. Our proposal is to completely replace the last section of Ribbonwood between Spring Creek and San Tan. We need to replace the Burgess Court cul-de-sac. We need to seal our newest pavements, including Michigan to the gate, Ribbonwood south of San Tan, and potentially other streets paved in the last five years. We need to fill the cracks on all our medium-aged roads, which are almost all of our cul-de-sacs. The board hopes our budget will allow new traffic and, hopefully, some, if not all, new street name signage.

To do all that proposed work, we cannot afford to hold the $175 annual roads rate that has been the held charge for the last five years. As PV homeowners at the last annual meeting pointed out, we are behind in our annual rate. So, we must move. Your board has voted to charge $250 this January, 2023.

Finally, we will have our official public annual meeting on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023, at 3 p.m. in the Saguaro Room at the Cottonwood complex.

If there are immediate questions or concerns, please share them to the board members or through me, Mark Brauer, president, at [email protected].