Creative Ways to Manage Photo Memories

Kim Kubsch

How many times have you heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? But can you easily access the memories to showcase your most meaningful moments?

How many photos are on your phone’s camera roll? To better organize your collection, set an editing date with your phone. Clear the unwanted or duplicate photos each evening while on vacation or every Sunday afternoon while on the treadmill. If a photo does not create a happy memory or feeling, toss it.

Consolidate Photos to Best Manage Your Memories

Photos in albums: Use your smartphone to take pictures of your print photos, wall photos, and keepsakes. If you prefer to avoid using your smartphone for more photos, invest in a quality wireless scanner with adjustable tray. Take each photo out of the album to scan the photo memory. Or plug your phone into the computer and drag the images off the phone to keep on the computer. Then delete all the photos on the phone.

Set Up Automatic Backups

Backup of memories is essential. Here are several affordable options:

Google Photos or Apple iCloud Photos

Subscribe (set up as an automatic charge of $1) to Google Photos or Apple iCloud Photos. I enjoy 50GB of storage. Both Google Photos and Apple Photos allow you to search by date and often by word. Larger storage plans are also available.

External USB

External USBs are portable and often small in size. An example is to buy the USB where one end is to the photo to transfer the photos from the phone. The opposite of the USB stick is used to load the phone photos from the USB to your computer.

Backup Database

Set up a backup database of pictures and/or files using WeTransfer or Dropbox. Various plans are available at a variety of annual rates.

Digital Smart Photo Frames are 24/7 and range from 8-inch to 15-inch displays with a variety of photo storage options. With some you use a USB drive, while others use internal storage or the Cloud via Wi-Fi. Here is the difference:

1. USB drive: a great option if you don’t want to connect your frame to the Internet. Updates are done by adding images to the USB drive. This is the most time-intensive option.

2. Internal storage and Cloud via Wi-Fi: If you want to share photos to single and multiple frames, this is the best way to do it. You can send them from various apps, sources, and people.

3. Providers of frames: My favs are Aura and Nixplay. Varieties are plentiful, and so are storage and sharing options.

In the artistic mood? Get a little help from the Waterlogue app ($5, IOS) and transform very special photos into one-of-a-kind watercolor images in just minutes and a few clicks!

Chatbooks offers a monthly mini subscription, enabling you to print 30 photos from your camera roll into a softcover book. The service costs only $5 a month.

Self-stick adhesive backing of Mixtiles can re-stick photo tiles for any wall surface. Each tile is $11, and they can be applied and reapplied.

Tinybeans is a free app for IOS and Android and offers the ease of a group text but with the sole purpose of secure photo sharing.

Explore photo printing for every occasion and holiday with Social Print Studio.

Take some time to set up a system to organize your meaningful moments to enjoy the photos more!

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