A-1 Golf Carts and Spooner PT Teams Win Spring Pennants

Spooner PT Champs: Kneeling (left to right): Bob Reed, Thom Stephens, Mgr. Ron Carmichael, and Dave Martin; standing (left to right): Ernie Flores, Craig Porchardt, Jon Hendrikse, Brian Denham, Phil Gutterman, Tom Chilton, Kurt Carmichael, and Ty Christie

A-1 Golfers: Kneeling (left to right): Wayne Newman, Dennis Bernaiche, Vern Rodgers, and Mike Willits; standing (left to right): Bill Gaston, Bill Mccoy, Dan Ziccarelli, Mgr. Dennis Kennedy, Dave Boone, Doug Warwick, and Don Scoggins

Larry Wolfe

Manager Dennis Kennedy’s A-1 Golf Carts team won the Lakes Division pennant with a record of 11-5, with Manager Chris Jensen’s Core Consulting squad finishing second with an 8-7 mark. In the highly competitive Sun Division, Manager Ron Carmichael’s Spooner PT team won the pennant with a 9-7 record, finishing just one game ahead of Manager Joe Commisto’s Redeemed Team. Mike Gloyd’s Camp Hilby team finished just two games behind.

Doug Warwick was the top hitter in the Lakes Division, hitting a robust .817. Other Top Ten hitters were Vern Rodgers (.746), Tim Loeffler (.730), Dennis LePore (.727), Frank Tanner (.719), Frank Rouse (.706), John Robinson (.701), Terry Zeltinger (.693), Doug Friesen (.690), and Dennis Bernaiche (.683). Jay Yoakum led the division in long balls with five.

Dennis Henderson won the Sun Division batting title with a .772 average, barely edging out Jon Hendrikse at .770. The remaining Top Ten hitters were Dan Melosi (.759), Thom Stephens (.755), Bob Wicks and Bobby Farmer (both at .741), Brian Denham (.729), Phil Gutterman (.727), Dave Platt (.718), and Mike Lebet (.710). George Siegele led the division in homers with 39. Mark McKinnon (34) and Dennis Henderson (33) also topped the 30-homer threshold.

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