A Gift That Continues Giving

Richard Hawkes

It has been a harsh year for our Greater Sun Lakes Community. We have been shut in for longer than a year, and we have lost a number of friends and loved ones. We have done many things to help remember those who have passed.

The Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation is now presenting a way that will continue to honor those who have passed and those who have supported The Foundation. The Foundation is now starting a Virtual Legacy Wall. The wall will list the names of those we lost and also list the names of those who have been donors, and some names will sadly appear on both lists. A minimum donation of $25 will secure a brick on the wall listing the names and dates of those who are no longer with us, and those who have provided The Foundation support. The wall is being built in two sections. Wall 1 will list the names of those who have passed. Wall 2 will list the names of those who have donated to The Foundation. Those who were donors prior to the creation of the wall will also have a brick created in their names.

All those who purchase a brick will receive a letter from The Foundation indicating their donation, and a letter will also be sent to the family of those being honored. The Virtual Legacy Wall will have its grand opening in May of 2021 and may be seen by going to The Foundation website at www.slcommunityfoundation.org and clicking on the Legacy Wall tab.

Donations to the virtual Legacy Wall will not only leave a legacy, but also help The Foundation continue to assist the senior population by providing grants to local clubs and organizations who provide services and activities for the residents of The Greater Sun Lakes Communities. The Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3), which may qualify donations to be tax deductible. The Virtual Legacy Wall donation form can be found at The Foundation’s website. Checks along with the Wall donation form may be sent to The Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation at P. O. Box 12402, Chandler, AZ 85248.

The Foundation belongs to all the residents in The Greater Sun Lakes area. Your donations will have a positive impact on the clubs and organizations that provide sustaining active outlets for our senior population.

We look forward to the time when we can see all of you in person again!