A Senior Coronavirus Day

A Senior Coronavirus Day

Dale Fanzo

I rise to the sunshine through my blinds,

Rolling out of bed with aches of all kinds.

Oh yea, now comes the over the head hands up,

Cracking the ankles and bending the knees with a pop.

Into the bathroom it’s bladder time, oh, it feels the best

To my sink I try to squeeze the last of my tube of Crest.

I look at the calendar it is June 1, but what can I say,

Just another Senior Coronavirus Day.

Go to the closet and how do I dress today?

Put on my plaid walking shorts with stripe T-shirt color gray.

Into the kitchen grab my favorite fish-in mug,

Put in the NOLA Dark roast pod into my Keurig.

Grab a glass and pour my OJ,

Pills in my day tracker it is Thursday.

A slice of toast with strawberry jam, but what can I say,

Just another Senior Coronavirus day.

Turn on the TV to check out the news,

Crossword in hand four-letter word for amuse.

Seems like every day is Groundhog Day,

Look out the backyard the sky is a little gray.

Grab a water bottle to take my daily walk,

Stopping on the path saying hello making small talk.

My pace is slow these days, but what can I say,

Just another Senior Coronavirus day.

The sun is setting the cool air is finally here,

Now I am sitting on my patio drinking a cold beer.

Staring out and enjoying the orange and blue sky,

You know I feel older at times I admit with a sigh.

Life has been good to me over the years,

I have enjoyed some laughter and some serious tears.

A glass of milk along with my sleeping pills, but what can I say.

Just another Senior Coronavirus day.

Stay safe, stay well, stay smiling.