Action Begins for Lucky Shot Pool Club

Gary Vacin

The Lucky Shot Pool Club launched its 2021-22 tournament season on Nov. 1 with 29 players competing in three pockets of 9-Ball, and four pockets of 8-Ball. Eighteen players are competing in both 9-Ball and 8-Ball pockets. The round-robin tourney runs through Dec. 10.

The club held its annual membership meeting on Oct. 20. The tournament director announced results of 2020-21 championships: Jerry Cisneros defeated Jeff Michelin in 8-Ball, and Jack Hill bested Cisneros and Grant McGrail in 9-Ball. Other action included acknowledging Joe Igelmund’s five years of service as president, including updating and refining the club’s bylaws, participating in streamlining 8-Ball and 9-Ball tournament rules and defining championship match rules, completing numerous Billiards Room improvements, and serving as active club spokesman.

In other action, the club elected Alan Behr as treasurer, and Steve Colby reported on forthcoming Billiards Room improvements: re-felting tables and rails, balancing and leveling tables, replacing broken cue rack holders, repairing tears in flooring, adding eight new house cues, and repainting upper back side walls a lighter color to brighten the room.

The club sponsors two additional tournaments: Jan. 1 to Feb. 10, and March 1 to April 10, 2022. The events are open to all Sun Lakes residents. For additional information, contact Steve Colby at 480-600-5392.