AFMA Fire to Restart Home Safety Assessment Program

Brian Curry

In early 2020, the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority here in Sun Lakes had trained some of their Fire Corps volunteers to be able to spot home hazards and make recommendations to homeowners.

The COVID-19 pandemic put an abrupt halt to that promising program, but AFMA has decided, with fully vaccinated Fire Corps members, to resume providing this valuable service to Sun Lakes residents.

These Fire Corps members will come to your home and conduct a safety walk-through and make recommendations based on their findings.

Some of the items that they will check are your smoke detectors—their placement and are they in working order? Does your home have fire extinguishers? If so, are they charged? Do you know how to use them? And are they properly placed in your home?

These trained members will check your stove or oven for good housekeeping practices. Are your circuit breakers and GFCI outlets clearly identified? And does your hot water heater and furnace have a three-foot clearance from clutter or flammable material?

These volunteers will check your home for potential hazards as well as tripping hazards.

They will not endorse or recommend any safety products, but simply offer you an assessment on how safe your home is and the steps you can take to make it safer for you.

If you’re interested, please call 623-544-5400 and tell them you would like a Sun Lakes Home Safety assessment. Home inspections begin next month.