Agave Quilt Guild holds April spring luncheon

Member education classes are offered every month.

Join the Agave Quilt Guild and enjoy regular monthly meetings at Sun Lakes Oakwood Ballroom. The next General Meeting is Wednesday, May 1, at 1:00 p.m. We are an active group of beginning through experienced quilters. We have informative meetings with speakers to educate members on current quilting styles and techniques.

Our April meeting is for members only, as we are hosting a spring luncheon. This is just one of the many fun activities our members enjoy. In addition, educational classes are offered by our members for a minimal charge where members can learn new skills to enhance their work. These classes are available for members only.

Agave Quilters also participates in community service by making quilts for children who are hospitalized. Over 1,000 quilts have been created by our quilters who donate their time and talent for a much-needed cause. “Those who sleep under a quilt sleep under a blanket of love.”

For more information on the Agave Quilters Guild, contact President Loy Rheinauer at 360-903-7278 or email at [email protected]