It’s almost here! Don’t miss Art at the Lakes

Saturday, March 5 is the eighth annual Art at the Lakes. It is the only fine art-related show of its kind in Sun Lakes and is open to all. It was started by Beverly Walter who is a member of the Desert Artists Club. This year it is presented by Desert Artists Club President Susan Plousek and the Cottonwood Palo Verde HOA.

We have between 80 to 90 artists from all over the Phoenix Valley, but most are from Sun Lakes. The festival is held in Cottonwood at the lakes across from the tennis courts but benefits all Sun Lakers.

The purpose officially is to benefit the Sun Lakes Emergency Relief Fund (SLERF). The firefighters oversee this fund but it is not for the firefighters. Many people are confused by this. Every year, Art at the Lakes generates several thousand dollars for SLERF.

How SLERF works: Let’s say that a man in Sun Lakes, named John Doe, fell and broke his hip. The Sun Lakes firefighters went to his home and discovered that Mr. Doe had also broken his new glasses during the fall. He cannot afford another pair of glasses. The firefighters wrote Mr. Doe a check to replace the glasses so he could see.

Every neighborhood in Sun Lakes has been able to use this fund dispersed by the firefighters. This fund is used for many incidents such as this. It is so helpful. We feel honored that the firefighters care enough about us to do such a thing! When you talk to firefighters, they say they’re honored to serve us! That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

There are some new things this year. There is a three-person jury. They are responsible for who does or does not get into the show. Many art shows have this feature. There is a four foot by eight foot canvas for the public to try their hand at painting. That should be a lot of fun. There may be more new ideas before we’re finished. There is an awesome committee this year and everyone is working hard! As always, there will be food available for purchase served up by our awesome firefighters.

Mark your calendars. It will be here soon. Don’t miss this event!