Anglers will help with your spring cleaning

Dan Hall

If you have completed or are about to do your spring cleaning, we can help. If you have a few small things that you look at and say, “We will never use that again,” but you are too guilty to just put it in the trash, so you put these things down intending to deal with it “next time,” this is where the Anglers come to the rescue. We need items for the Flea Market. Just call Don Herring at 480-802-9320 for drop-off or pick-up. The guilt is gone, and you have supported a very worthwhile cause.

The Flea Market is held at the Sun Lakes Country Club parking lot on the third Saturday of the month from 7:00-11:00 a.m. Due to our mild summers, there are no flea markets in June, July and August.

The Anglers hold fishing derbies for the kids from local schools where the children do not have the advantages that most of us have had. We do six derbies in the spring and six in the fall. The club furnishes all that is needed to have fun at the lake. “All” doesn’t mean only tackle, bait and help with the fishing; we also furnish hungry fish. Some of the funds from the flea market are used to restock the lake.

Please help the Anglers with your donations for the Flea Market by calling Don Herring at 480-802-9320 for drop-off or pick-up. The kids thank you.

More detailed information on joining the club, fishing dates and other news will be in the September article.