Apple Club News

Gary Bross

On Oct. 12, Alyssa Carter of the Ed Robson Library presented a WebEx Class on eMedia and Online Learning. Alyssa is a library paraprofessional who has worked in the Maricopa County Library District for eight years. In addition to presentations on digital and physical library materials, she also organizes programs and events for customers on a wide range of subjects, often partnering with outside organization presenters.

The eMedia portion of Alyssa’s class included six applications offering free access to magazines, audiobooks, music, movies, and TV programs. The Online Learning portion included Gale Courses (business and personal development), Learning Express Library (learn new subjects at your own pace), and Rocket Languages (using listening, speaking, and writing skills to learn a new language).

In October, we began to offer a variety of classes and tutorials through our Apple Club website. We will expand this approach in November, adding new and interesting topics on about an every two-week basis. Visit the website at to view articles in our blog and forum, view the schedule of upcoming classes, and check out the list of instructional videos in the Upcoming Events section.

Also, we continue to offer our question and answer service one on one—just submit your issue or question to the email address [email protected] Replies will be forthcoming to you, usually within a few days.

Our mission is to provide a forum that is educational, supportive, and fun—where we can all learn to get the most from our Apple devices, regardless of our knowledge. We are a no-fee club, and our objective is to remain so.