Apple Club News

Gary Bross

Your Sun Lakes Apple Club has begun classes with members present. Only members who have been fully vaccinated may attend the classes.

Our December, January, and March classes conducted by Syed Fraz of Experimax focused on some of the basics and key features of the iPhone and addressed many iPhone questions and issues submitted in advance and during the class. His presentations were well received and appreciated by the members present.

We anxiously await the opening of the new meeting rooms and computer lab in Cottonwood’s remodeled old Fitness Center and Phoenix Room. Our class schedule will be published on the club’s website. Register for classes by visiting the website at Then, under “Upcoming Events,” click on the “Details” of the event to find the date, time, and place of the event, and then follow the instructions under “Register Now” to sign up for the event. Submit any issues or questions you want addressed to [email protected] or call Gary at 480-433-5659.

All Apple Stores have resumed holding “in-store” classes, effective March 9, 2022, after a two-year absence. Popular classes include Getting Started with iPhone or iPad or Mac and Simplifying Your Day with iPhone. Register for these classes by searching “today at Apple,” then select your store, and then scroll through the “Product Skills” options and register for the one you like. The horizon on the schedule is 14 days, so you will find your class offered on a number of different dates.

We continue to offer our question-and-answer, problem-solving service one-on-one. Just submit your issue or question by email to [email protected], and Gary T. or Mike C. will reply to you, usually within a few days.

Our club’s mission is to provide a forum that is educational, supportive, and fun—where we can all learn how to get the most from our Apple devices, regardless of our knowledge level. We are a no-fee club, and our objective is to remain so.