Apple Users Group to meet Dec. 9

Jan Bobbett

Living in Sun Lakes is great. Growing up in New England, I never dreamed that a place like this existed, and back there, it surely did not. We have an active and vibrant community that offers countless activities. While there is always something to do here, as retirees, we sometimes get an itch to leave town. Maybe you travel an hour to spend time with family or friends or you’re a snowbird who divides your time between your homes. Or maybe you’re a camper who likes to hit the road, or someone who likes cruises, or a world traveler. We all have the luxury of just locking the doors and heading out.

When you do leave town, however, many of us wonder if the house is okay. Has someone broken in? Did you leave the garage door open? There are, of course, alarm systems that can be installed, but they are expensive and require a monthly fee for monitoring. There are services that will check on your home periodically, but that is not real time. There are cameras that can be installed, but that has historically been very expensive and beyond the budgets of many.

All that is in the past… now we can add cameras and other monitoring devices without breaking the bank. You can do this in steps to ease the cost of getting started and can customize the system to your specific needs. To learn more, please join the Sun Lakes Apple Users Group meeting on Dec. 9 at 1:30 p.m. in the Phoenix Room in Cottonwood. To make sure we have seating for all those who want to attend, the club asks you to RSVP at the club website,