Appreciation is year round

April 7 to 13, 2019, was the National Volunteer Appreciation Week. Rover’s Kids think that every day is Volunteer Appreciation Day! They are blessed to have a wonderful team of volunteers known as their Ambassadors! Some of our volunteers have been with us 10 years, and some are newbies. You may recognize them, as they are out walking the Kids during an event. We would love to have you volunteer!

Each and every one of them brings a different talent to the table, whether that be packing and unpacking the car at events, walking and picking up the poop as they go, brushing out a tangle or two, making phone calls, sewing our never-ending projects, addressing or stuffing envelopes, supplying the never-ending need for squeaky toys, running our weekly shopping errands, answering questions, social media like Nextdoor and Facebook, in charge of balloons, making sure the Kids have sweaters in the winter, donating gift certificates or a bag of the Kids’ favorite food, putting together shelving at the Ranch, surprising the Kids with community involvement for donations, helping to fund the vital services needed like garbage, pool, yard maintenance and even pulling a few weeds and painting!

Not only are the volunteers appreciated, but they are a vital part in keeping the Kids safe and healthy. Our whole community has stepped forward to assist the Kids in finding their best match for a forever home. There are so many ways that you help and may not even know you are doing it. We truly appreciate your sharing the word of how wonderful our Kids are to adopt, that the support system we provide for the life of the dog is a step above, that we pet-sit, that we always will take care of any Kid during an emergency, that even if it is not a Rover’s Kid, we step up – “It is all about the Kid” for Rover’s Rest Stop & Ranch!

Rover’s Rest Stop has grown, adding the Ranch to give the Kids more benefits. The summer will bring Team Swim where the Kids wear lifejackets and go swimming with the volunteers. There are opportunities to work on training and manners and outings to go shopping. The Kids have big plans for the pasture. They want a huge park area to play ball, do agility, have picnics and just down-home fun inviting their community friends.

You also support the Kids by stopping by or participating in our events. These Kids could not go on to have wonderful, amazing lives without you! A special thank you to Sherrian, Sherry, Phil, Naomi, Dan, Marlene, Angie, Phyllis, Jo, Sandra D., Karen, Barb, Sandra S., Maria, CJ, Jeri, Jennifer, Jody, Randi, Taylor and Lee! Thank you to our awesome community!

See you May 11 at 9:00 a.m. to noon in the Dance Room at Cottonwood!

Hug those necks for us!