April golf for PVLGA


Liz DeMichael, Publicity

There were no showers in April but a lot of great golf for the Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA). Check it out…

4/3. The first tournament of the month was one of the most fun – Beat the Pro! Sixty-five ladies challenged the Head Pro at Palo Verde, Greg Tokash. Their net score was used to determine if they could beat Greg’s gross score. Only 10 ladies were able to beat him, and they had to shoot a net score below par to do it. Those ladies are Donna Purcell and Rita Raymond (56), Gwen Curtis (57), Nancy Howell and Shirley Hutchings (58) and, shooting 59, Judy Daidone, Jan Nelson, Mary Nelson, Paddy Newton and Shirley Trusal. Well done, ladies, and good job, Greg Tokash!

4/10. Each player chose the “best 9” holes of the 18 they played. The scores on the holes chosen, minus half of their handicap, determined the winners. And we had some great winners: Flight #1: Carolyn Hoffland (1st), Patti Hegenbarth and Donna Purcell (tied – 2nd); Flight #2: Rosetta Sheer (1st), Diana Ridd (2nd) and Elaine Isaacson (3rd); Flight #3: Cindy Dawson (1st), Marilyn Lloyd (2nd) and June Park (3rd); Flight #4: Judy Daidone (1st), Gail Assenmacher and Judy Dingeldine (tied – 2nd).

4/17. The PVLGA played a 3-2-1 Tournament with the teams using 3 best balls (BB’s) on par 5’s, 2 BB’s on par 4’s and 1 BB on the par 3’s. The team winners were Jo Crook, Judy Daidone, Carol Healy and Jan Nelson tied with Sandy Chavez, Sharon Freeman, Rose Hames and Shirley Trusal (1st). Liz Campbell, Mary Horn, Diane Kruse and Linda Parfitt (3rd).

4/24. The last tournament of the month was a modified Best Ball. The team winners were Marsha Deuel, Kathy Ivesdal, Bonnie Moore and Lori Snodgrass (72). Naomi Bryson, Zara Logan, Colleen Mitchell and Florence Wright tied with Dee Czaja, Anita Barber, Linda Parfitt and Cindy Ryan for second (tied – 73).