Are you an artist?

Bette Lu Buchanan

Are you an artist in oils, watercolor, charcoal, or pastels? Do you love to make quilts, jewelry, woodwork or ceramics? Do you have a unique craft that is different from all others? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will be interested in the Sun Lakes Arts and Crafts Association. Our association was created many years ago to promote interest in arts and crafts in the Sun Lakes Community.

Our fall meeting will be held on Monday, October 12 in the Navajo Room of Sun Lakes Country Club at 10:00 a.m.

All members and anyone interested in becoming a member are welcome to attend at which time we will hold a short meeting followed by registration for our fall Arts and Crafts Show. Annual membership dues for new members are $10.

The fall show is scheduled for Saturday, November 28 at the Sun Lakes Country Club. By registering, you will be able to show your creative wares through a venue which is open to the public and has always been very well attended by residents of Sun Lakes as well as the surrounding communities. If you have questions, please contact show chairperson Joyce Johnson at 602-908-3105 or [email protected]

Be sure to visit our booth during the upcoming Community Days Open Houses being held in September and October.