Ask Your Agents – November 2014

Dear Cheri and Tammy,

Our last two vacations we planned seemed to have left us feeling like we needed a vacation even though we just returned from our vacation. We prefer to travel independently; however, there are so many components to planning and would love a little advice on how to simplify the process and creating a happier experience.


Janet and John

Dear Janet and John,

This is a common subject that comes up often. There is a wonderful article we would like to share.

Mr. Shawn Achor, a positive psychology researcher and international bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage, revealed his results from a new Road to Happiness Study. This survey of 414 world travelers examines the connection between travel and happiness and the effect of travel upon stress and energy.

“Not all travel creates happiness,” said Achor. “Travel stress can undo the positive effects of travel. Given this fact, there is a very specific formula needed to make the most of a vacation, allowing us to increase our happiness and overall energy. And having a boost in energy after vacation is a desired result.” We have found that there are four primary ingredients needed to enjoy a happy travel experience:

Minimize stress. When asked about their best trips, only four percent of people reported feeling stressed. Conversely, on their worst trips, stress played a big role for more than 60 percent of people. The biggest vacation stressors were wasting time figuring things out; unfamiliar with the destination; and managing transportation.

Plan ahead. Check spontaneity at the door. “Our new research revealed that the best and happiest vacations for 90 percent of people were those planned more than one month in advance. Planning ahead reduces stress and increases the opportunity to anticipate the getaway.”

Make a local connection. On their best trips, 78 percent of travelers knew someone or met with a local guide.

Go far and away. This study revealed that 85 percent of travelers’ best trips over the past five years were in locations outside their home country.

We offer monograms for our independent traveler. It provides an all-in-one vacation package.

For example:

Hotels in the heart of the destination (no bad hotel stress)

Transportation from the airport to the hotel and between cities (no logistical hassles)

A half-day of sightseeing in each city to assist with orientation and front-of-the-line, VIP access into the must-see sites and landmarks (no time wasted)

An on-site local host to act as a personal concierge (local connection and assistance)

Here is to a happy travel experience!

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