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Dear Tami and Cheri,

We’re looking to plan a romantic getaway and would love to know your advice on keeping and sharing the love while traveling. We’ve had a few ups and downs in the past and feel it would be in our best interests to hear what others do.


Seeking Harmony

Hello Seeking Harmony,

To help you prepare here are 10 things you’ll want to be sure not to do.

1. Spend every second together

You do not need to be together on your trip 24/7. Be sure to take time now and then to experience some “me” time.

2. Expect all couples travel to be romantic

You will absolutely have some beautiful times while traveling. Yes, not every second of travel is glamour and romance. You may experience delayed flights or getting lost. Even though these things can take the joy right out of the moment, try not to set expectation too high.

3. Don’t make time for romance

By the same token, while you can’t expect a constant lovefest, you should be deliberate about making time to enjoy romantic moments together.

4. Argue about money

Arguing about money is the worst and when you’re on a vacation. Have a serious discussion before you depart about what you are planning to spend and where you might be able to splurge.

5. Act possessive of your man or lady

On your trip together, it’s wise to focus on one another. No one else matters. It’s just the two of you and an amazing holiday.

6. Isolate yourselves

The trip may be all about you two and your relationship, but the trip will be enhanced if you expand your party of two a bit now and again. Try and meet other couples. Get engaged with the locals. Participate in group cooking classes, brewery tours, or city walks.

7. Fall into a routine

Travel has an inherent advantage; you are constantly adding excitement and novelty into your life. Still, routines become habit. Some level of routine is okay, but try not to forget spontaneity, romance and special, small gestures.

8. Complain endlessly

It is uncomfortable when one travel buddy is a nonstop whiner. Try and keep your complaints inside and learn to reframe your mindset. For every complaint that you feel you want to make, instead state aloud something you are happy about or grateful for.

9. Don’t divide travel responsibilities

On trips of any length, it can be exceedingly helpful to designate travel-related tasks to each person. This helps both partners contribute and makes the process less stressful for everyone.

10. Expect the trip of a lifetime

Keep your expectations true to life. Embrace the good and the bad of couples travel, and you will be in for an unforgettable treat.

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