Attention: Oakwood and Ironwood Residents

Molly Bergesen

The Oakwood/Ironwood HOA has 35 separate units with 45 Unit Captains. The Unit Captains Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 3:45 p.m. in the Oakwood Ballroom. At these meetings, discussions are held about issues of concern to IronOaks residents, such as gate closures, impending construction, and other issues occurring around the community.

Are you one of the many who is not receiving regular information from your Unit Captain? If yes, please send an email to either one of the Co-Chairs of the Unit Captains Committee:

Molly Bergesen, email: [email protected]

Sharon Dankowski, email: [email protected]

Please give us your unit and lot number and your email address, and we will ensure that, going forward, you will receive timely and accurate info from your Unit Captain.

If you are interested in becoming a Unit Captain, there are a few openings. Email either Molly or Sharon.