Autumn in the Valley of the Sun

Dale T. Fanzo

As I awake this morning to a bright sunrise,

There is a desert chill in the air to my surprise.

The thermometer says it’s 68 degrees,

Humidity is one percent with a slight breeze.

My calendar says it’s November on my fridge,

My favorite month ahead of December by a smidge.

Grocery shopping today will be more fun,

Today it’s autumn in the Valley of the Sun.

This year is different shopping than last,

I need to make sure I wear my mask.

My autumn smile cannot be seen.

Grab my cart, sanitizing the handle clean.

Yes, the floral aisle so bright today.

Colorful arrangements with a mum’s spray.

Produce with candy apples, this is fun,

Today it’s autumn in the Valley of the Sun.

I keep my social distancing for sure.

Following the arrows throughout the store.

The meat aisle has a different feel,

Seeing the turkeys gives me a chill.

A bounce in my step, heading to the baking aisle,

Getting my pumpkin pie mix, if you could see my smile.

Stuffing mix and sweet potatoes, now my shopping is done,

Today it’s Autumn in the Valley of the Sun.

Boy, do I love this time of the year,

Even though we have been living in fear.

I feel shopping today has a special “thanks” you see,

It has lifted my spirits, thinking festive dinner with family.

The virus this year made me stronger for sure,

Our prayers this Thanksgiving is for a cure.

My pants seem tighter, our turkey dinner is done,

Today it’s autumn in the Valley of the Sun.

Stay safe, stay well, stay smiling.