Ballroom Dancing and Music Making a Comeback September 11

John Yu

Ballroom dancing and crooner music is back on center stage, along with Big Bands, orchestras, and lounge bands. Audiences listen and ruminate back to carefree days, while ballroom dancing has never been more vibrant. Old time tunes “Begin the Beguine,” “Mack the Knife,” “Strangers in the Night,” “Beyond the Sea,” “Rock Around the Clock,” “Zoot Suit Riot,” and so on are played by a live band once again.

This will be the case on Sunday, Sept. 11, at 5 p.m. for three hours at Cottonwood’s San Tan Ballroom. After a brief summer hiatus, faces again will radiate with the aura of sublime tranquility and musicality as foxtrots and waltzes grace the floor with their smooth elegance. Swingers with revamped knees will jump and jive to Elvis’ “Hound Dog.” Latin dancers will sway their voluptuous titanium hips in full display as they cha cha and rumba to the tunes of Santana.

Our Sun Lakes Sunday Music Dinner and Dance Venue will begin its eight Sunday venues on Sept. 11. We plan on attendance and excitement to once again reach new levels with standing room only. We welcome guests who come just to listen to our lively band and our great singer, Mark Webb. Just watching the great dancers on the floor is a visual treat for many. Singles join other singles and make new friends and dance partners. Cottonwood restaurant again will provide a menu of great food and drinks.

We are looking forward to this upcoming season, starting with our first Sunday Music Dinner and Dance Venue on Sept. 11. Our first venue will start with the salute to the “Rat Pack” with songs of “Old Blue Eyes.” Future Sunday venues will include salutes to swing dancing, Latin dances, Christmas, and Sock Hop days.

Come see, hear, and enjoy what past audiences heralded as nostalgic and recognizable tunes that were easy to dance to, with volume levels that allowed for conversation and dining without the need for earplugs.

Our band features Rags Allen, an accomplished keyboardist and member of the Arizona Nightclub Performers Hall of Fame. Rags performed alongside Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Charlie Pride, and Mickey Gilley at venues throughout the country. Joining Rags is Al Beasley, a well-known percussionist and guitarist throughout the Valley. The featured singer is Mark Webb, a popular professional singer with a range for all types of music.

Admission is $15 per person and $25 per couple. (Pre-paid season passes for all eight performances are discounted at $80 per person. Season passes are available through the first dance of the season only.) If mailing checks, please write checks payable to Sunday Dance Venue and send to John Yu, 9617 E. Sherwood Way, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248. Our eight season dates are Sept. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 13, Dec. 4, Jan. 8, Feb. 5, March 12, and April 2, all on Sundays, from 5 to 8:30 p.m. For questions, please call 480-699-7334. More info is available at our website, Follow us on Facebook at SunLakesSundayDancers.