Be a Santa Claus!

Jim Meagher

It’s here again! We are surrounded by commercials, promotions, the sale of Christmas trees, indoor and outdoor holiday decorations, and seasonal foods to enjoy with family and friends. There is no escape from it in the shopping malls, our mailbox, or sign-twirlers on street corners. While this is taking place, the guests whom Matthew’s Crossing serves are waiting in line for a box of food, with different expectations of the season than most of us.

Please join us and make food and financial contributions now as we bring 2023 to a close. In a matter of days, we will be enjoying the various holiday traditions we participate in with our family and friends as we bring this year to a close. Let us help to make it a time of enjoyment and celebration for the guests of Matthew’s Crossing. In being as generous as we can be now, we assist Matthew’s Crossing in their efforts to provide healthy and seasonal food for their guests’ families this holiday season. We know how essential food is to experience a sense of wellbeing and enjoyment.

Reach Out Sun Lakes collects food and financial donations from several sites. Their year-to-date donation totals are as follows:

Sun Lakes Duplicate Bridge Club (meets at Risen Savior Lutheran Church): 523 pounds of food and $1,027. Bridge Club collection is the second Tuesday of each month in the south parking lot between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m.

The Democratic Club of Sun Lakes: 207 pounds of food and $450. The Democratic Club pick-up is in the east parking lot at Sun Lakes Country Club before their monthly meeting.

Unity Church: 265 pounds of food and $1,323

Sun Lakes Country Club (Phase 1): 192 pounds of food and $207. Donate at Sun Lakes Country Club during their normal working hours in the donation box at the front desk.

Our team has collected $2,970 and 1,187 pounds of food for Matthew’s Crossing year to date.

If you have questions, wish to schedule a visit to Matthew’s Crossing, or make a food donation at an alternate time or location, please contact Jim Meagher of Reach Out Sun Lakes at [email protected] or 630-346-1966. Financial contributions can be made at or by mail to Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank, 1368 N. Arizona Ave., Suite 112-115, Chandler, AZ 85225. Donations to Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank are tax deductible.