Bocce Ball Club

As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, we find ourselves in the midst of another exciting off-season here at Sun Lakes Bocce Ball Club. While our official season may be on hiatus until the Fall of 2024, there’s still plenty of bocce ball fun to be had at Sisk Park, located in the Palo Verde community. Sisk Park provides the perfect backdrop for friendly games of bocce ball with friends and family. With its scenic surroundings, Sisk Park offers an inviting atmosphere for bocce ball enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels while providing some needed exercise.

During family visits, Sun Lakes Bocce Ball Club members are often asked “How to Play” questions. Anyone can access the club’s website and refer to the section Rules of the Game to become familiar with the rules prior to heading to the courts. You can also print a copy and bring it along with you to refer to as you play the game.

New players to the game, or those who require instruction, can request lessons by our Training Committee by emailing to the attention of the membership director at [email protected].

Any Sun Lakes resident interested in participating in bocce ball for the 2024-25 season can learn more about the club by going to our club’s website

Thank you for your continued support of the Sun Lakes Bocce Ball Club. We hope to see you on the courts this summer.