Bocce Ball Finals for Sun Lakes Country Club

Bill Townsend

We concluded the fall season on Friday, February 6. We had three sessions on Wednesday, two on Thursday and one on Friday. They were all very competitive and fun-filled. The following were the winners for each session:

Wednesday at 9:00: (3-way tie) Team 3 – Mary Longmire, Diane Kugel, Randy Costa, and Bill Townsend; Team 4 – Ruth and Harold Jarrell and Rick and Jan Herzog; and Team 6 – Audrey Oliver, Cheri Rostan, Mickey Connolly and Olga Ineson

Wednesday at 10:15: Team 14 – Larry Vanderslice, Pat Schmeckpepper, Norine Bassett and Ann Galleger

Wednesday at 11:30: Team 19 – Harley and Carol Panch and Peter and Janet Cobb

Thursday at 9:00: Team 28 – Larry and Nancy Vanderslice, Fran Marolla and Harley Pansch

Thursday 10:15: (2-way tie) Team 33 – Sharon and Bob Darnell, Carol Anderson and Val Fazio and Team 37 – Tony and Maria Racano, Vera Moschovsky and Barb Geers

Friday: Team 52 – Diane Burns, Rick Thompson and Vince and Peggy Rizzi

The spring session will begin January 11, 12 and 13. It will last for nine weeks ending on the week of March 6, with a potluck to finalize the season on March 17.