Bocce Completes Season with Banquet and Winners

John Terranova, President

The bocce season concluded, with the final games being played on March 17. However, March was full of bocce ball activity, with our second tournament, held on the 14th, and our final Awards Banquet on the 24th.

The tournament was highly competitive with 32 members, eight random teams, signing up to play, and when all was said and done, it ended in a two-team tie for first place requiring a two-frame playoff. The team of Sherry Parmon, Roy Parfitt, Bill Greenway, and Cindy Guillaume was victorious and walked away with the top monetary prize along with the customary bottle of Le Bocce Chianti wine.

Congratulations to all who took part in this Italian-themed tournament, and a resounding “thank you” to Sue Donovan, our tournament director, for yet another fun time had by all.

The league ended the season with the Second Awards Banquet, held at Sisk Park on March 24, the coldest day of the month. Judy and John Prey, our social directors, provided an ample supply of vino to keep everyone warm and comfortable. Cash awards were given to the winners, including those teams finishing in second and third place from each of the 13 skill divisions.

Marie and Tony Racano are Bocce Club Champions for 2023/2024 for winning the A Division – Session 1 (three-way tie for first place), 5 wins and 2 losses, and Session 2 with a final record of 5 wins and 1 loss, the same record as Mike Buscaglia and Doc Heckler (also finishing first in Session 1, three-way tie). However, the Racanos defeated Mike and Doc in their head-to-head match.

The winners of each of the other divisions are as follows: Division B: Terry Sporleder and Nancy Snow; Division C: Carol Stagger and Rita Lobello; Division D: Sandra Hill and Jeffrey Ehlinger; Division E: Ron and Joy Kiel; Division F: Jerome and Angie Tuman; Division G: Sue and Jason Burger; Division H: Terry and Paul Bacon; Division I: Mark and Betty Durben; Division J: (three-way tie) Richard and Tina Bruno, Stuart and Sara Bennerotte, and Susan and Brad Wright; Division K: Annette and Andreas Kern; Division L: Darby and Bill Greenway; Division M: Mary and Darrell Fink.

Approximately 110 members present for the Awards Banquet were introduced by yours truly to the board of directors, as nominated for the 2024-25 season, which included Ray Ficek, president; Colleen Linko, membership director; Ron Seifert, treasurer; Judy Gentry, secretary; Sue Donovan, tournament director; John and Judy Prey, social directors; Kathy Hoff, publicity director; David Sinkbell, equipment manager; and Jeff Blankenship, webmaster. The candidates were approved by the membership by a show-of-hands vote and will officially serve as the SLBBC Board of Directors for the 2024-25 season.

Any Sun Lakes resident interested in taking part in bocce ball for the 2024-25 season starting in October of 2024 can learn more about the club by going to our club’s website at Registration for the 2024-25 season will begin Sept. 1.

All new players to the game, or those who require it, can request instruction by our Training Committee by forwarding an email to the attention of the membership director at [email protected].