Breakers Pool League

Larry Stadler

As mentioned in the November Splash, the Breakers began our 8 Ball Handicapped Tournament on November 5. Twenty-four players signed up to play, producing three “Pockets” of eight players in each Pocket. Each player in a Pocket must play seven opponents. Scoring is tabulated by the total number of games won.

The tournament ended on Monday, December 10.

After the “dust” settled, the following three Pocket winners earned the right to play for the Tournament Championship. The winner in Pocket One was Jerry Vickory. Pocket Two winner was Peter Gerdik. John McHugh was winner in Pocket Three.

Runners up in the Pocket play, ending up in second place were: Pocket One – Willie Foster, Pocket Two – Jim Boyes, Pocket Three – Mike Buscaglia.

Gerdik, McHugh and Vickory played for the Tournament Championship on Wednesday, December 12. After some good competitive play, Jerry Vickory won the Championship. Peter Gerdik was second, and John McHugh third.

At the end of the tournament, a drawing was held in each Pocket for the non-winning players, and three lucky players received a nice gift card to Stone & Barrel.

Overall, we had a great tournament, and special thanks to all who participated. The Breakers Board will be working on another tournament in early 2019.

Happy New Year to everyone!