Bridge Results

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2/18. 1st Dori and Ed Krenek, 2nd Ruth Hiner and Nancy Parsegian, 3rd Dick and Donna Briner; Slam: Irene Edmund and Dorothy Thurman

2/25. 1st Paul Budrick and Newell Orr, 2nd Doris and Ed Krenek, 3rd Joan Silver and Bev Anastasia; Slam: Paul Budrick and Newell Orr (2 Slams)

3/04. 1st Paul Budrick and Newell Orr, 2nd Nancy Smith and Lois Haugue, 3rd Joan Tener and Ruth Friedman; Slam: Karen Harnish and Lori Scharbach (2 Slams)

3/11. 1st Dori and Ed Krenek, 2nd Bob Cohn and Lee Probst, 3rd Lois Haugue and Nancy Smith; Slam: Lori Scharbach and Karen Harnish, Lois Haugue and Nancy Smith and Eleanor and David McCann (1 each)

Wednesday Social Bridge

Prize Winners of the Wednesday Social Bridge Group:

2/13. 1st Joan Tener, 2nd Barbara Dewell, 3rd Karen Hess

2/20. 1st Dagmar Bostick, 2nd Carolyn Iyenager, 3rd Joan Tener

2/27. 1st Jo Hughes, 2nd Barbara Sampson, 3rd Joan Tener

3/06. 1st Barbara Dewell, 2nd Joan Tener, 3rd Phyllis Stephens

We’ll be losing some players for the summer, so if you’d like to play, please call 480-639-4417 to leave your name and number.

Cottonwood Ladies Thursday Bridge

Joan Phelan

Recent winners for Cottonwood Ladies Thursday Bridge are as follows:

2/21. 1st Doris Krenek, 2nd Karen Hess, 3rd Mona Nolte; Hostesses: Barb Sampson and Jody Heiman

2/28. 1st Alice Garner, 2nd Nancy Smith, 3rd Rosemary Shutts; Hostesses: Sue Cavanaugh and Karen Hess

3/07. 1st Joan Silver, 2nd Alice Garner, 3rd Joan Hokanson; Hostesses: Cora Zuchowski and Mona Nolte; Grand Slam: Gloria Danker and Kelly Holden

IronOaks Ladies Friday Bridge

IronOaks Ladies Friday Bridge group is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote friendship and enjoy an afternoon of social, intermediate bridge. IronOaks Ladies Friday Bridge is open to all residents of Sun Lakes.

Regular play for the association is on Friday at 1:00 p.m. in the Friendship Room at Sun Lakes Country Club. Please be there to sign up for bridge before 12:45 p.m. For more information, contact Linda Meylink at 480-895-9172.

Winners and Hostesses for February:

2/01. 1st Faith Johnson, 2nd Jeannie Kitzman; Hostesses: Jeannie Kitzman and Nancy Smith

2/08. 1st Nancy Smith, 2nd Maurine Howell; Hostess: Barb Sampson

2/15. 1st Nancy Smith, 2nd Sue Kavanaugh; Hostesses: Lillian Look and Ruth Hiner

2/22. 1st Lois Hague, 2nd Maurine Howell; Hostesses: Barbara Dewell and Faith Johnson

4th Friday Bridge

The 4th Friday Bridge group met on February 22, 2019, at Palo Verde Country Club. Winners were 1st Barb Sampson, 2nd Rosemary Shutts, 3rd Gloria Danker, 4th Cora Zuchowski. Door prize winner was Bert Sisk.

The next meeting will be April 26. New members are always welcome. For reservations, call Nadine Cordts at 895-0504. Cancellations should be made by Wednesday week of play.

Saturday Morning Partnership Bridge

2/16. 1st Gae and Peter Hall, 2nd Dee Guthrie and Bernie Ross, 3rd Donna and Dick Briner; Slam: Dee Guthrie and Bernie Ross

2/23. 1st Eleanor and David McCann, 2nd Jeannie Kitzman and Nancy Smith, 3rd Bernie Ross and Dee Guthrie; Slam: Lori Scharbach and Karen Harnish

3/02. 1st Donna and Dick Briner, 2nd Bev Anastasia and Joan Silver, 3rd Eleanor and David McCann

3/09. 1st Lori Scharbach and Karen Harnish, 2nd Doris and Ed Krenek, 3rd Nancy Smith and Jeannie Kitzman; Slam: Lori Scharbach and Karen Harnish

Duplicate Bridge

Karin Hansen

Sun Lakes Duplicate Bridge continues into the spring months. A special game is held on Thursday mornings at Risen Savior Lutheran Church, 23914 S. Alma School Road. Start time is 8:15 a.m. with a short lesson, followed by two hours of playing duplicate bridge with assistance from the instructors and assistants. This is a great way to move from social or party bridge into duplicate bridge. The game is structured “duplicate style” but is casual, relaxed and fun. If you have a partner, that is fine; if not, one will be provided for you. Top-finishing ACBL members with less than 100 masterpoints can earn masterpoints for participating in the Thursday morning game. Cost for the game is $6 for members of the Sun Lakes Duplicate Bridge Club and $7 for non-members. When the weather is heating up, come on over for a nice morning of bridge in the air-conditioned room! Questions about the Thursday game can be directed to Anne Newman, [email protected] Experienced players with more than 100 masterpoints are invited to bring a new beginning partner to the game to introduce them to the wonderful world of bridge. The experienced player will pay and play with the beginner and then be given a voucher for a free play at some future game at the Sun Lakes Club. Games for experienced Novice and Intermediate players who are non-life masters with less than 500 points are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at Risen Savior Lutheran Church, 23914 S. Alma School Road. Please arrive by 1:00 p.m. in order to pay entry fees and be assigned to a table. Cost is $6 for members and $7 for non-members. Partners are required for this game. If you need help arranging a partner, contact [email protected] This is a stratified duplicate game with ACBL rules and directors.

Top score during February in the Thursday morning game was on February 14. Melissa Denton and Peter Harris were the sweet Valentines who had a sweet 68% game. Congratulations! February 14 was sweet for another pair in the afternoon 499er game: Tim and Mary Bennington had a very high 71% game. Congratulations to these partners and to all the others who had high scores during February. Information about the bridge club is available on the Internet under

Opening the “clubs” tab will direct you to Sun Lakes Duplicate Bridge and will open the webpage with more information. Questions about the novice program may be directed to Karin Hansen, board representative, at [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at the tables!

2/05. N/S: (1st in A) Susan Stewart and Sandra Labute, (1st in B and C) Don Montgomery and Shelley Montgomery; E/W: (1st in A and B and C) Yogi Patel and Dianne Saints

2/07. N/S: (1st in A and B) Christine Giza and William Harrison; E/W: (1st in A and B) Helen Hughes and Daniel Rose, (1st in C) Mark Kaiser and Roger Clayton

2/12. N/S: (1st in A) Barbara Castro and Patricia Liddle, (1st in B and C) Kathleen Garrett and Cathy Davis; E/W: (1st in A and B) Patrick Kiely and Patricia Kiely, (1st in C) Yogi Patel and Dianne Saints

2/14. N/S: (1st in A, B and C) Lloyd Brown and Wendy Brown; E/W: (1st in A and B) Mary Bennington and Tim Bennington, (1st in C) Cheryl Ramier and Janet Beeks

2/19. N/S: (1st in A) Betty Santa and William Reisenbuchler, (1st in B) Vicki Aubrey and Rita Myrann, (1st in C) Don Montgomery and Shelley Montgomery; E/W: (1st in A) Judy Lamers and Barbara Hewitt, (1st in B and C) Yogi Patel and Dianne Saints

2/21. N/S: (1st in A) Terrance Kilbreath and Michael Hedreen, (1st in B and C) Ted Leibole and Linda Leibole; E/W: (1st in A and B) Mark Kaiser and Roger Clayton, (1st in C) Anne Thomas and Johanna Rustak

2/26. N/S: (1st in A) Betty Santa and William Reisenbuchler, (1st in B and C) Tony Garrett and George Hofer; E/W: (1st in A and B and C) Arlene Burke and Ellyn Eisner

2/28. N/S: (1st in A) Terrance Kilbreath and Michael Hedreen, (1st in B) James Libby and Lindalee Jurgens, (1st in C) Don Montgomery and Shelley Montgomery; E/W: (1st in A) Paul Morris and Terrance Heying, (1st in B) Mary Bennington and Tim Bennington